Summer Breeze finish

I was going to take my quilt top to the beautiful Barnard Castle in town to photograph it. 

But as usually happens when I finish something and want to photograph it, its rained all day. I therefore had to photograph it on the floor at home. 

I have loved this quilt design ever since I saw pictures of it online from a host of reviews from the Portland quilt market a few years ago. I’m so pleased with how my version turned out.


WIP Wednesday

I’ve been making progress with my Summer Breeze quilt this week.             I’ve added my raw edge appliqué sea horses, sea urchins and starfishs and have finished my corner blocks.   

Dear Stella

This week I started cutting into my Piper fabric from Dear Stella. I love this fabric but I couldn’t decide what to do with it, so it has sat in my fabric stash for quite a while. A dear friend of mine has dropped subtle hints, major suggestions and a few full on requests for a quilt. But I am a very slow quilter, if I finish two a year I’m doing well and if it’s three I’m on fire! So although she selected this fabric sometime last summer I am only now getting around to cutting it up. 

Fiona and I met at birthing classes and in the three and a half years since our daughters were born we have become very special friends. On those days when I was struggling Fiona would magically appear with a take out coffee and a stew for dinner, when I couldn’t cope with lack of sleep from night feeds she would breeze in and take the girls to the park so I could take a nap. Her kindness has truly sustained me and I’m making this quilt with mixed feelings. Complete joy and celebration of an amazing friendship but also sadness. My husband and I will be moving soon and my friend will soon be a four hour drive away rather than a five minute pushchair stroll. 

 Our daughters will no longer see each other daily and enjoy the wonderful carefree friendship they currently enjoy. 

As I was cutting this fabric it dawned on me that it’s from Dear Stella and Fiona’s daughter is called Stella. It’s therefore especially appropriate.

I’ve chosen to make Hexagon Park from a free pattern by Lynne Goldsworthy from the Moda Bakeshop. I think the plus sized hexagons will show off the delicate fabric designs.

A little trip away and a few purchases

I just got back from a wonderful holiday in the USA catching up with old summer camp friends. 

With a couple of days in New York and a road trip to Maine and a week in Boston we packed a lot in. The weather was awesome so my little lady got a lot of splash time.

I knew I wanted some pretty Alison Glass Ex Libris to back my butterfly quilt so I did some online shopping at Hawthorne Threads and purchased some Art Theory before I left the UK and had it delivered to my friends house in Maine. 

 I couldn’t resist adding a bundle of Fawn their in house printed fabric. This is great quality and much better texture than the on demand printed fabric I’ve purchased before from other companies. They 

Stash Fabrics also had a sale on so I purchsed a bundle of Brambleberry Ridge and some coordinating solids. I love the blingy gold accents.  

 It was so exciting to get to Maine and have all this yummy fabric waiting for me.

In New York at the City Quilter I had bought some coral reef fabric from Michael Miller that I think will be perfect for part of the pieced backing to my Summer Breeze quilt.

In Belfast, ME I got to visit Fiddlehead Artisan Supply and I’m so glad I did because they had the Ex Libris Geometry in Sunset fabric I wanted to bind my butterfly quilt. I’d tried to buy this online but it had been sold out.

   I also grabbed 2 yds of Wee Gallery from Dear Stella.

I’d seen this  Dress Me Up tutorial online and thought it would be super fun but couldn’t get the fabric in the UK.

I also treated myself to a quick curve ruler and a couple of patterns. Can’t wait to have a play with these. 


Linking up with Sunday Stash

WIP Wednesday 

This week I’ve been working on my version of Sewing Under the Rainbow’s beautiful quilt  Summer Breeze. I trimmed all of my DP blocks and ended up with a pretty pile of scraps.  
 My blocks started to come together but after working a little too late at night I realised I had made a little mistake. Can you spot it? After a good nights sleep I got the seam ripper out and rectified it.  
This quilt is really testing my skills and whilst the piecing isn’t perfect I love the overall look. I am now cutting out my appliqué seahorses, jelly fish and sea urchins. Can’t wait to add them.


WIP Wednesday

I finished adding the butterflies to my quilt top with some help from my little girl. Nerves of steel are required when using an iron with a 3 year old.  

She was very happy with the results. 

I need to decide on some backing fabric so whilst I’m mulling over my choices I’ve started making up my drunkard’s path blocks for my version of Summer Breeze. I found a you tube tutorial which allows you to piece without pinning.  

It worked well, so pretty soon I had a nice pile of blocks.


Fluttery butterflies 

I’ve stitched all my blocks together for my butterfly quilt top and am pretty pleased with how my seams match up. I only had to unpick one or two bits so I feel like I’ve really come a long way with my piecing. 

I’ve now started adding the appliqué butterflies. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking. 


Butterfly blocks

After a lovely week off with my little one for the school holidays I’m easing myself back into my studies and work. 

I found a little bit of time for sewing and have put all my blocks together for my butterfly quilt.

I love how bright and bold the colours are. 

Bluebird park and butterflies 

I finally finished my bluebird park quilt. 


I did quite a bit of machine quilting on this and am really pleased with the results. I tried an artistic photoshoot of the finished quilt but the wind had other ideas!

I’ve started piecing my blocks for my butterfly quilt. I’m really pleased with how bright the colours are. Can’t wait to finish a few more blocks.


WIP Wednesday

I haven’t made much progress this week as I’ve been feeling ill with a cough and a headache that just won’t shift themselves.
I have started quilting my little baby quilt though.

IMG_3755 I pieced the backing with a strip of rabbits and have been straight line quilting. I also tested out the wavy stitch on my machine.