Dear Stella

This week I started cutting into my Piper fabric from Dear Stella. I love this fabric but I couldn’t decide what to do with it, so it has sat in my fabric stash for quite a while. A dear friend of mine has dropped subtle hints, major suggestions and a few full on requests for a quilt. But I am a very slow quilter, if I finish two a year I’m doing well and if it’s three I’m on fire! So although she selected this fabric sometime last summer I am only now getting around to cutting it up. 

Fiona and I met at birthing classes and in the three and a half years since our daughters were born we have become very special friends. On those days when I was struggling Fiona would magically appear with a take out coffee and a stew for dinner, when I couldn’t cope with lack of sleep from night feeds she would breeze in and take the girls to the park so I could take a nap. Her kindness has truly sustained me and I’m making this quilt with mixed feelings. Complete joy and celebration of an amazing friendship but also sadness. My husband and I will be moving soon and my friend will soon be a four hour drive away rather than a five minute pushchair stroll. 

 Our daughters will no longer see each other daily and enjoy the wonderful carefree friendship they currently enjoy. 

As I was cutting this fabric it dawned on me that it’s from Dear Stella and Fiona’s daughter is called Stella. It’s therefore especially appropriate.

I’ve chosen to make Hexagon Park from a free pattern by Lynne Goldsworthy from the Moda Bakeshop. I think the plus sized hexagons will show off the delicate fabric designs.


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