WIP Wednesday

I finished adding the butterflies to my quilt top with some help from my little girl. Nerves of steel are required when using an iron with a 3 year old.  

She was very happy with the results. 

I need to decide on some backing fabric so whilst I’m mulling over my choices I’ve started making up my drunkard’s path blocks for my version of Summer Breeze. I found a you tube tutorial which allows you to piece without pinning.  

It worked well, so pretty soon I had a nice pile of blocks.



13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Nerves of steel. It sounds like when the Powers That Be decided the children at our kindy needed electric drills to play with at the carpentry table. They were 3-4 year olds! I love the butterflies. Do you know what fabric the first one in the post came from? I got given a scrap of it, but haven’t found it yet to buy more.

  2. I like your butterfly quilt and your daughter is just precious! The sea horses in your drunkards path block are cute too.

  3. Oh I am so in love with your butterfly quilt. I have been stockpiling butterfly fabrics since I found out I was having a daughter. Her room is butterfly themed. I probably need to start the quilt before she gets too “old” and tells us she wants a new theme for her room. But ironing with a 3 year old – whoo! You’re one brave woman!

    I cannot piece curves to save my life. I have resigned myself to never making a drunkard’s path. Would you mind linking to that tutorial?
    Thank you! 🙂

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