Time to Grasp the Bull by the Horns.

So quite a while ago (er maybe two years) I bought a new machine so that I could start machine quilting. But somehow whenever I finished piecing a project I always gravitated to what I felt comfortable with and finished them by hand. I made some place mats a while ago to use as test pieces but still hadn’t had a go. This week I decided to stop dilly dallying and get on with it. I got out my manual, fitted my walking foot and was pleasantly surprised!


Next up was to try free motion quilting. I attempted a feather and leaf to mirror the motifs in my fabric. I need a lot more practice, well maybe a huge amount more but I was still thrilled with my first attempt.




7 thoughts on “Time to Grasp the Bull by the Horns.

  1. First attempt?! These are AWESOME!! Good for you. A glass of wine (I’m dead serious) really helps. My teacher in my first FMQ class said that, and at first I was like, ya sure, but nope, she was right!

  2. You’re off to a great start! I just bit the bullet and FMQ’d my first quilt also. It is for my grandson and I know that he won’t care (at age 1) if the stitches aren’t perfect. I too did a couple of placemats, but nothing can compare to maneuvering a quilt thru the machine. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this first try. Some areas came our brilliant – others, ummmm, not so much.

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