Lovely Year of Finishes January Goal

I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions but I would like to keep track of my projects and keep to a few deadlines. So I’ve decided to join in with a Lovely Year of Finishes.


This tree skirt really should be under my tree. Unfortunately my little girl got chickenpox just before Christmas and so I just didn’t get around to finishing it. Once all the family descended on us I couldn’t get to my sewing machine. I’d really like to get it finished in January so that I can pack it away with the rest of the decorations ready to use next year.

2013 was a wonderful year for our family. After moving into our new house at the end of 2012 we spent the year settling in. I set up my very own sewing room and love each hour I spend there. My husband started a new job and although he’s away a lot I think it has made us appreciate the precious family time we do get. Our little girl has continued to grow up way too fast. She’s now two and chatters away, has moved into her big girl bed and continues to bring us joy every day.

Happy New Year and happy sewing everyone xxx


4 thoughts on “Lovely Year of Finishes January Goal

  1. Sounds like this project went the way that most of mine go–I’m still finishing up the binding on my Halloween quilt 🙂 I like the simple colors on that skirt. Good luck this month!

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