Making Christmas Finale

I’ve only abandoned one thing on my original list completely. My table runner will just have to wait until next year. But as items 7-12 weren’t even on my original list and I’ve finished those, as well as 5(ish) of my 6 original goals I’m incredibly pleased.

1. A cushion for my farther Christmas cross stitch – finished
2. At least 2 cooking aprons and pot holders (Christmas gifts)- 2 aprons finished
3. Tree skirt – I WILL Finish! But maybe at 23.30 on 24th
4. Table runner – gonna have to wait till next year
5. Felt ornaments – 3 finished
6. A couple of Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas blocks – in progress will carry on in 2014
7. Christmas stockings – 3 finished
8. Egg cup cosies (gifts) – 2 finished
9. Papier-mâché ornaments – 2 finished
10. Mitten advent calendar – finished
11. Disappearing 9 patch quilt (gift) – finished
12. Wreath – finished





I’ve loved looking at everything everyone else has been making and have felt very festive reading everyone’s posts. Thank you so much for the fun Making Christmas linkup.

Have a wonderful Christmas xxx


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